Progressive Christianity

# How far in the postmodern age is a church possible?

Are there   new ways       of looking at old church ideas?

“Perhaps if we could lead this generation beyond the words of these narratives into the truth to which these narratives point, we would not be so prone to change the Christ child into a Santa Claus, the manger into a Christmas tree, the heavenly host into Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, the risen Christ into a prolific Easter bunny or a hatching Easter egg, and Pentecost into a birth-of-the-church celebration.”

Bishop John Shelby Spong.  ‘Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism’  1991


How far in the postmodern age is a church possible?

A church requires at least some concentration of power, and some use of it to exert control over language, but if you are a thoroughgoing Christian heretic and dissident like me you cannot endure any attempt to control interpretation or finalise truth.

In the monotheistic faiths, the religious community has always been a power-structure and has always been in some measure coercive; so how can it change at this time of day?"

 Don Cupitt 1989 in ‘Radicals and the Future of the Church’ – perhaps the death of the church is necessary for Christianity?



“Having watched David minister to far-flung congregations of mostly elderly parishioners in ancient stone churches, I was aware of his frustrations as he tried to communicate the essence of Christ’s teachings, sans the institutional bureaucracy and dogma that can obscure the message of love, compassion and forgiveness. David’s poetry, refined, yet painfully raw, lays bare his innermost feelings about the ossification of what should be the Living Word. When I think of how courageous Jesus was when he spoke out against the hypocrisy of established Judaism, I have a feeling that if he were here now, Jesus would be blasting out David’s poems on all his social media streams, hoping that readers would be compelled to rise up, speak truth to power and save Christianity.”

Kathy Eldon Founder of Creative Visions, Malibu; film-maker and author: ‘Soul Catcher,’ ‘In the Heart of Life.’ // //